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la valtiberina
Valtiberina or Upper Tiber Valley is the eastern part of Tuscany. borderland and melting pot of different civilizations: the Umbrian, Etruscan, Roman and then the Byzantine and Lombard. A land that has given birth to illustrious and famous personages among which stand out: Michelangelo Buonarroti, Piero della Francesca, Fra Luca Pacioli.

Our location is situated 400 meters above sea level in an ecologically intact and protected land, is nestled in the green hills of Tuscany, in the heart of an area rich in art and popular traditions, interesting archaeological and nature tours as well as being close to famous cities. A perfect symbiosis to allow tourists a special holiday where the main elements are: quiet, nature, health, originality, love for children and many surprises out of the hustle and mass tourism.
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